[Thoughts on the Table – 11] Pesto, Antipasto, and Meatballs

gino de blasio

Gino and I are back with one more episode on Italian misconceptions. Today we are focusing on three more examples of Italian food which has been taken out of context: pesto, antipasto, and meatballs. Thanks for your feedback!


2 thoughts on “[Thoughts on the Table – 11] Pesto, Antipasto, and Meatballs”

  1. Funny, coincidental to your discussion of how pesto is misused: I just saw online a recipe for using pesto as topping for crostini or some such. In the picture I saw it is slathered on thickly, almost more pesto than bread. This from a very respected food expert who I actually like. To my mind, pesto is far too assertive to be used in this way, although I do have to admit that I enjoy scooping up the leftover pesto with bread after I've finished off a nice bowl of trenette…

    1. Thanks Frank for your contribution, I knew we would have been in agreement πŸ™‚ I too enjoy scooping up all kinds of pasta sauces with bread after I'm done eating the pasta! I spoke about this before on the blog: the Italians call it "fare la scarpetta" (do the little shoe). Only a couple of things about scarpetta (maybe pet peeves of mine): 1) only start the scarpetta after every little bit of pasta has been eaten: it would be gross to have pasta on bread; 2) never do the scarpetta after eating risotto: possibly for the same reason of avoiding starch on starch.

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