[Thoughts on the Table – 15] Known and Less Known Italian Foods

jessica burgio

This week, Jessica takes us through a number of known and less known Italian dishes – starting from Naples and Sicily, through Rome and Tuscany, to northern Italy. Find out what is authentic and what isn’t, and maybe even discover some dishes you still don’t know.


2 thoughts on “[Thoughts on the Table – 15] Known and Less Known Italian Foods”

  1. Another fun episode! Just a quick note to say, though, that babà *can* be found in North America, but you need to go to cities with large Italian-American populations. I remember them well from my childhood—they appeared regularly on our Sunday dinner table, along with sfogliatelle, cannoli and other pastries, purchased from the local pastry shop in the Italian neighborhood in New York where my grandparents lived. From a quick Google search, I see that those pastry shops (like DeLillo's on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx) still sell them.

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