[Thoughts on the Table – 21] Introducing Fiona from Nuts About Food

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Hi and welcome to Thoughts on the Table! As you may already know, I am just back from a brief trip to Italy. This time, I managed to bring back a special podcast featuring my friend Fiona, an amazing food blogger based in Milan.

Join me as I chat with Fiona about her life in Italy, where she moved from New York as a child. In this episode, Fiona focuses on the food of Milan: from its deep traditions to its growing multiculturalism. In the second part of our chat, Fiona shares what brought her to starting Nuts About Food and what motivates her to continue posting new recipes.

NOTE: In the podcast, Fiona mentions “Mondeghili” and “Riso al Salto“. Follow the links for more info on these traditional Milanese dishes (thanks to Giallo Zafferano and Manu’s Menu).


5 thoughts on “[Thoughts on the Table – 21] Introducing Fiona from Nuts About Food”

    Fiona, it's great to "hear you"! And you guys made me miss Milano even more!!! <3 So interesting to hear how the city is changing… Thai restaurants??? That's great news! I need to be back… soon, or I won't recognise the city anymore! πŸ˜‰
    Great that you talked about aperitivo, such a Milanese concept… one that I wish could be imported here! Great job Paolo!!!

    1. THANKS MANU! And thanks Fiona for the hospitality and for accepting to be in the podcast – you've given a very interesting picture of the city of Milan and of how it has changed in the last decade or so.

    1. Of course! Thanks to you for providing an awesome reference, and in English. I couldn't find a good one in English for Mondeghili… Just saying… πŸ˜›

  2. Thank you Manu, I so enjoyed listening to your podcasts and will admit I was a little nervous about living up to them ;o)
    It sounds like a trip to Milan is really overdue, that way we can finally meet in person!
    And thank you again to you Paolo for the fun evening, the unique experience and for being so good at what you do… you can turn anybody into a confident talker!

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