[Thoughts on the Table – 41] Il Mercato – The Tradition of the Italian Street Market, Narrated

il mercato podcast

This episode is the narrated version of my article on the tradition of the mercato, the Italian street market. This was a very meaningful post for me, I’m hoping that through my voice I can communicate its content in a more meaningful way. Also, the post contains an original recording from a northern Italian mercato. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Paolo Rigiroli

Author: Paolo Rigiroli

Now based in the UK, Paolo is an Italian who lived in Canada for nearly 18 years and blogs about Italian food and its many aberrations.

3 thoughts on “[Thoughts on the Table – 41] Il Mercato – The Tradition of the Italian Street Market, Narrated”

  1. Whenever Mark and I plan a trip to Italy, the first bit of research involves finding the best and closest market days. Shopping at the street markets is the highlight of each trip; in bigger cities, where their is a daily market (in Rome, for example), we go to the same vendors and start friendships. It makes all the difference. After the first few visits to one vendor, we were told that some produce is better than others, and (on occasion) she had held some special items aside for us because she knew we’d be coming back. On our most recent trip to Germany, this was the one thing that was missing – no markets! The markets I remembered from my youth have all closed in favor of small supermarkets. So sad. I am so glad that this tradition continues to be strong in my beloved Italy. Thank you for narrating this post, Paolo – it was a very enjoyable way to start my day. A presto, David

    1. Hi David! Thanks so much for your contribution. It’s very sad that German street markets are disappearing, or have disappeared. We were in France last spring and fortunately instead markets were still very lively – particularly Sarlat (in Dordogne) has a weekly market that takes up the entire old town. I’m still hopeful that street markets will eventually come back also in Germany.

      It’s true what you say about establishing relationships with vendors. When I go visit the mercato of Legnano (the closest “big” city next to my hometown) with my mother, she goes back to her favorite vendors, those that also serve our hometown. She has an ongoing conversation with them, like asking for the same peaches she bought the week before. That’s a great way to shop for groceries!

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