[Thoughts on the Table – 44] A Culinary Tour of Abruzzo with Domenica Marchetti

Food writer and cookbook author Domenica Marchetti is back on the show to talk more about her mother’s native land – the Abruzzo region in central/southern Italy. In the episode, Domenica paints a colorful picture of the region – from its geography which spans from majestic natural parks on the Apennines to beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast, to its people, and – naturally – to its traditional food.

Domenica also describes a culinary tour of Abruzzo that she organizes along with her partners at Abruzzo Presto. The 2016 edition took place on September 18-25.

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Paolo Rigiroli

Author: Paolo Rigiroli

Now based in the UK, Paolo is an Italian who lived in Canada for nearly 18 years and blogs about Italian food and its many aberrations.

3 thoughts on “[Thoughts on the Table – 44] A Culinary Tour of Abruzzo with Domenica Marchetti”

  1. Domenica – so nice to hear more about Abruzzo! I guess after out next trip to Tuscany, Abruzzo needs to be next. I am also very happy to say my copy of Preserving Italy is on its way to me. I am a big fan of preserving foods, and look forward to trying your recipes.

  2. Our daughter stayed for a month in the wonderful town Pacentro (a mountainside town above Sulmona) in Abruzzo during high school. As a result, we have travelled and stayed in Pacentro, Italy every year for the past seven years. Be careful if you travel here because you may never return to home. The town will become your second home.

    1. Thanks Jamie for stopping by and for your comment! Very happy you have found a second home in Italy through your daughter. Going back there every year sounds wonderful.

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