[Thoughts on the Table – 80] Dining Out and Traveling During a Pandemic

Raffaella De Amicis

This is a timely yet overdue episode on the reality of living in a pandemic. Join me and my returning guest Raffaella De Amicis as we look at how our lives have changed over the last six months, and how we may be able to adjust our strategy during partial lockdown in order to support small businesses and reduce the risk of exposure, while always respecting local regulations.

Original music by Dan Hughes.

Raffaella is a travel, food, and lifestyle photographer and a travel planner. You can follow her @byforkorbylens on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Also, check out Raffaella’s great photography primer in episode 33!

As a side note, I’d like to thank FeedSpot for listing Thoughts on the Table in the Top Ten Italian Food Podcasts. It’s an honor to be in such good company!

Paolo Rigiroli

Author: Paolo Rigiroli

Now based in the UK, Paolo is an Italian who lived in Canada for nearly 18 years and blogs about Italian food and its many aberrations.