[Thoughts on the Table – 89] Introducing Kristie Prada from Mammaprada

Kristie Prada

This episode’s guest is Kristie Prada, the author of Mammaprada – a blog on Italian travel, parenting, and raising bilingual children.

Join us in our chat to hear Kristie’s unique perspective on how much love and respect Italians have for their food, how much they honor even their humblest meals, and cherish the time spent with their families at the table.

In the second part of the episode, Kristie talks about the many challenges (and rewards) of raising her children while exposing them to both British and Italian cultures and languages.

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Addendum: Kristie just published an interview of Yours Truly! Please go check it out as I’m sure you’ll find her questions very interesting. Thanks Kristie for featuring me and my work here!

Paolo Rigiroli

Author: Paolo Rigiroli

Now based in the UK, Paolo is an Italian who lived in Canada for nearly 18 years and blogs about Italian food and its many aberrations.

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  1. Bravo Paolo e Kristie! It was nice to finally hear Kristie after communicating over social media for so long. I can totally relate to Il marito’s prezzemolo meltdown! Ciao, Cristina

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