[Thoughts on the Table – 61] Rediscovering Artisan Craftsmanship and Ancient Grains, with Alida Zamparini

Alida Zamparini

Friend, food blogger Alida Zamparini from My Little Italian Kitchen is back on the show to give us an update on her latest recipes and blogging trips. As you will hear, Alida has been focusing on regional Italian products and artisan craftsmanship, which she documents in great detail on her blog. In particular, she describes her visit to “the dairyman,” an artisan who makes ricotta the traditional way in the Friulian Alps, and the production of the black fig of Caneva, which Alida makes good use of in her figs and ricotta tart.

In the second part of the episode, Alida introduces her passion for ancient grains such as spelt and Kamut Khorasan, which she uses for their rustic feel, depth of flavor, and wholesomeness in her berry crostata and Kamut pizza.

You can follow Alida on Twitter @cucinareitaliaFacebookInstagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

The music in the episode is by www.purple-planet.com.

Paolo Rigiroli

Author: Paolo Rigiroli

Now based in the UK, Paolo is an Italian who lived in Canada for nearly 18 years and blogs about Italian food and its many aberrations.