[Thoughts on the Table – 34] The Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle, with Diana Zahuranec

Diana Zahuranec

Journalist Diana Zahuranec (Wine Pass) returns to Thoughts on the Table! In this episode, she walks us through the differences between Italian and American food cultures, flavors, and health – with a special focus on the Mediterranean diet.

Why this topic? Well, as she mentioned on her first episode on the show, Diana chose to write her Master’s thesis precisely on this subject following her experiences living in Italy. Since the topic fits so well with the themes of the podcast, I asked Diana to rejoin me to talk more about her findings and to bring her updated observations now that she has been living and working in Italy for over 3 years.

The publications Diana mentions in the episode are:

  • Eat Well & Stay Well. By Ancel Keys and Margaret Keys (1959).
  • The end of Overeating: Taking control of the insatiable American appetite. By David A. Kessler (2010).
  • Diana’s thesis: https://honors.libraries.psu.edu/paper/1467/

Diana is a writer, editor, and translator at Wine Pass, an online magazine (in Italian and English) on wine and wine tourism in Piedmont. You can also find her on her blog Once Upon a Time in Italy.

Music: www.purple-planet.com.


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